I Married an Anti-Fan

所以 , 我和黑粉结婚了
i married an anti fan 127335 poster

When journalist Miaomiao Fang accidentally snaps a photo of top Korean star Zhun Hou at a night club, she finds out more about his personal life than she bargained for. Zhun tries to protect his image and forces Miaomiao’s magazine to fire her. Despite losing her job, the intrepid young woman has a new mission in life: Destroy Zhun at all costs

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1h 39m 2016 8 382 views

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  • Titre original所以 , 我和黑粉结婚了
  • Date de sortie:30-06-2016
  • Genre: Comédie, Romance
  • Directors: Kim Jae-Young
  • Évaluation:5.0 4 votes
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