Romance is a Bonus Book

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Cha Eun Ho is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at his publishing company. He is smart and handsome. He is also even tempered at work, but he has a warm heart and a reasonable personality. Kang Da Ni used to be a popular copywriter, but she is not anymore. She is now broke and unemployed. Even though she tries to find a job, due to her impressive career and excellent educational background, she is unable to find a new job. Finally, Kang Da Ni gets a job at a publishing company by lying about her background. Cha Eun Ho is the chief editor at that publishing company. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

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0h 0mm 2019 2 678 views

  • Titre originalRomance is a Bonus Book
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  • First air date: 26-01-2019
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Évaluation:3.4 5 votes
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